Department Of Health Get The Facts


In the event of a health crisis, the WA Health Department must be prepared to communicate critical information to people throughout WA and beyond. The Health Department chose Verdi V2.6 as the content management system to rely upon in these times of need. With the help of IBC’s consulting recommendations on Information Architecture, Needs Analysis and Interface Design, the new solution seamlessly amalgamates four prior Health Department sites into the one online system.

Happy with Verdi CMS and IBC’s ongoing support, it was no surprise that the Department of Health again choose IBC Digital to build and create their next online solution.
The Department of Health needed a website that would have a high visual impact with interactive features, designed to appeal to young people. The Department’s aim was to provide a credible and anonymous source of sexual health information to educate young people about safe sex, sexuality, pregnancy and relationships etc


Get The Facts Website

In 2008, the Sexual Health & Blood-borne Virus Program (a Communicable Disease Control Directorate under the Public Health & Clinical Services Division or the Department of Health) commissioned IBC to create a website targeted towards young people. The site was setup to be a reference site for teens and so utilised a number of different ways of communicating information including:

  • Factual content
  • Animations
  • Life Stories with an audio option

The site also offered some unique functionality for teens like the ability to ask a question by filling in a form on the site and have this responded to by someone from the Sexual Health & Blood-borne Virus Program.

Additionally if a young person was concerned that they had contracted Chlamydia or Gonorrhoea, they could take a Self-Risk Assessment online and if there was a chance that they had contracted the disease, they could download a PathWest test request form that can then be used at any PathWest centre to allow them to get tested for the disease.

In 2011 the Sexual Health & Blood-borne Virus Program decided to review the Get The Facts website to see if it was still relevant to young people. A number of focus groups were held with the target audience to get feedback on the current site and to develop ideas for a new site.
This information was then presented to IBC Digital who needed to produce a design that was clean, fresh and really focused on the target audience. In 2012 the new design was produced which utilized bright bold colours and some fantastic images of young people taken by the SHBBV:

Once approved IBC Digital started the process of converting the site to use the new design which had a number of challenges including ensuring that as much of the content as possible could be transferred from the existing site to the new one without manual intervention.
After running the site with the new design for a few weeks and reviewing the Google Analytics data for the site, we began to notice that a large number of users were using mobile devices to view the website instead of traditional desktop / laptops.
After consultation with SHBBV, it was decided to update the design of the site to cater for a number of different screen sizes ensuring that the content looked professional and accessible on all mobile devices, for example;

iPhone 4 (320 x 480):

iPad Portrait (768 x 1024)


Working on the Get The Facts site was an interesting and fun project for IBC Digital and we continue to deliver quality services and online solutions for the Department of Health.