Hydramet Upgrade and Product Showcase


Hydramet is a company that specialises in water treatment solutions and they have a large number of products that they would like to showcase in their website. As Hydramet is a long term client of IBC Digital, they approached us for a streamlined online product catalogue that has excellent search capabilities and a fresh new design.

Hydramet have been using IBC Digital’s Verdi CMS for a number of years now and were very happy to upgrade their system from version 3.2 to the latest version 4.1 as a part of this project.

Product Catalogue and Redesign

The challenges for this project included organising all of the products into categories intuitive to the user and balancing fresh and interesting design with products that are highly technical and/or components or parts of equipment.

IBC Digital’s solution for Hydramet involved a unique way to use our Verdi CMS, highlighting how versatile Verdi CMS is and how it can be applied to many industries. Hydramet products are entered into the website using the Verdi Directories Module, this saves website administrators a lot of time as they do not need to format each product. The module keeps the site looking consistent and great! And makes finding products a lot easier for the site users either through browsing the extensive categories or using the powerful search capabilities available. To ensure the site had a fresh look, we kept the imagery for this site attractive yet simple, designed to give the user some relief from large lists of products.

We enjoyed working with Hydramet on this project and look forward to working with them again when they embark on new online projects in the future.