Motorplex Fan and Competitor Website


The Perth Motorplex is a multimillion dollar facility located in Perth southern suburbs and has become the centre of attraction for automotive based activities such as Drag Racing, Dirt Track Speedway Burnout competitions, Street Machine Car shows, Monster Trucks, Stunt Shows and Super Cross events.

When Motorplex first came to IBC, they were looking for a system that was robust enough to deal with their large fan base but flexible enough to cater for both their fans as well as competitors.

The project has been going for a number of years with the initial project focusing on the website followed by a complete online Competitor Entry System. Over the years that followed, a Barcoding System was added to the Competitor Entry System as well as a self-managing Ticket System. The website was also updated to include a Distance Finder.

Here's what they had to say about working with us.

Website Redesign

Perth Motorplex deals with a number of different event types with multiple events being run each week. The biggest challenge in coming up with a design for the Perth Motorplex website was finding a way to display all the events and news happening at Motorplex while still providing a way for fans to just focus on their area of interest.

Motorplex also have spectacular video’s that they wanted to easily add to the website each week.

The way that IBC approached the site was to create a generic homepage that showed the upcoming events across all categories as well as news articles from all the different areas of the site. Fans could then choose to browse events in different areas or they could use some tabs located at the top of the page that allowed them to browse a specific area of the site.

When viewing a specific section of the website (e.g. Drag Racing), all the information on the page is updated to cater for the section viewed. This means that all the:

  • Banner Images
  • News Articles
  • Event Information
  • Upcoming Events
  • Photo Galleries
  • Result Pages
  • Etc.

All are updated to be specific to the area the racing fan is interested in.

Competitor Entry System

Prior to deploying IBC's Platform CMS, Motorplex staff managed weekly registrations and payments from their 400+ racing competitors by facsimile. Whilst they had a semi online system developed to enable payment processing, the system did not have the function to store details, and so a registrant’s information would need to be recaptured for each and every event. By deploying IBC’s Platform CMS and posting all Motorplex’s events online, competitors were able to register and pay directly through the website.

Because the details of the registrant were then stored against a unique login and password, the need for competitors to reiterate their personal details each time they registered for an event was removed. Once the site was launched, Motorplex saw that 99% of their competitors converted from paper-based applications to online registrations in the first year alone.

The system also allows Motorplex staff to duplicate existing events with the ability to customise the information required from competitors for the different events. The payment system for events allows for different registration fees based on the competitors division as well as the ability to setup different prices based on when the registration is completed (e.g. Early bird specials or late entry fees).

Competitors also have the ability to purchase additional tickets for events they are competing in at a reduced rate as well as purchasing some merchandise being promoted for the event

Barcoded Entry Tickets for Competitors

After the success of the first year, Motorplex wanted to automate the process even further by generating tickets automatically from the system so IBC developed an exclusive, automated bar-code ticketing system that enables competitors to register and download their tickets instantly. This development guarantees the safe receipt of tickets to competitors and has served to reduce the administration process considerably.

There were a number of considerations that needed to be catered for putting together a barcoded ticketing system for Motorplex, especially when you consider the different types of events and their requirements:

  • Every competitor needed a ticket to ensure they had access to the racing area.
  • Different event types had different Divisions / Brackets for the event and depending on the division / bracket chosen a different number of tickets needed to be produced for the pit crews.
  • Every competitor needed to have a TOW pass produced that would be used to ensure cars are allowed into the pit area.
  • Events could span multiple days which meant that different tickets needed to be generated for each day of the competition.
  • All barcodes needed to be unique and IBC needed to ensure that the barcode generated could be read by the barcoding system already in place at Motorplex.
  • Tickets needed to be produced in a format easy to print.
  • Motorplex needed to get a copy of each ticket generated to ensure that they could print tickets for competitors if needed.

Distance Finder – Viral Campaign 

The third year saw a shift in focus for the website with the creation of a fun application meant to get all the rev heads out there excited about the different cars raced at Motorplex. IBC built an application that used a combination of car specifications and Google Maps to allow users to work out the distance between their home and the Motorplex.

The user can enter their address and then choose between different vehicles:

  • Top Fuel Dragster
  • Speedway Sprintcar
  • Top Doorslammer
  • Late Model Sedan

The system will then generate directions to the Motorplex from the address entered and show the user the:

  • Journey Time
  • Fuel Used
  • Cost of Fuel
  • Top Speed

For each of the vehicles that they have chosen.

Users can then share the results with their friends either via social media such as Facebook or through email.

Re-printing of Tickets

After running the barcoded images for a year, Motorplex staff found that users were losing the emails that contained the link to print their tickets and so were relying on Motorplex staff to keep a copy of these email links.

To alleviate this issue, IBC updated the system to allow competitors to search for all events they have entered (or purchased tickets for) and they could now re-print these ticket whenever they liked.

The CMS used to manage the Event System already had the ability to view all the event registrations and so IBC extended the system to have the ability to print the tickets for each successful registration.

This meant that Motorplex staff no longer needed to keep track of emails to be able to print tickets but could do this quickly and efficiently through the CMS Administration console.

IBC Digital and Motorplex are proud of our achievements with the website, catering for fans and competitors, and we look forward to working with Motorplex in the years ahead.