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Custom Software

Software / application development and design

When you have specialised and unique business requirements and need a web solution that is custom built to your specifications and budget, IBC can help you!

Often we just need to tweak an existing system so that it works exactly as you need, like adding a module or function to the CMS that powers your website. Sometimes your requirements may be so unique that we need to help you design something completely new and build it for you from the ground up. Our software developers have an in-depth knowledge of programming languages and skills to provide you with; custom website development: custom mobile application development; Facebook application development; software development, software design and web application development.

Some applications we have built to date include;

Medical Booking Software

Our IBC software developers designed, built and implemented a workflow management tool to aid in managing the pre-employment medicals of thousands of people. Built for Sonic Health Plus. The system provides record storage, workflow management, SMS reminders to patients, clinic bookings and doctor reviews. Plus this application includes a sophisticated, integrated, billing system.

Requests Console Software

The request console is an application developed and currently used by all insurers dealing with workers compensation in Western Australia. This software allows insurer's to request WorkCover to make necessary amendments to current policies.

If the insurer needed to make amendments to a policy, they had to fill in a form, then fax it to Workcover and Workcover would manually allocate the task to staff and manually make the changes, a long drawn out process. With the new requests console software the process is automated and saves time for Workcover staff and insurers.

  • Insurer logs in to an online application.
  • Either upload a pdf form or fill in an online version of the form.
  • Workcover receives it electronically.
  • Team leader assigns task to team members.
  • Once update done, an email automatically sent to the Insurer by the system.
  • Logs are kept for each event.
Industry Calculator - Department of Agriculture

IBC Digital created a web based calculator using scientific formulas provided by the Department of Agriculture. The calculator provides both tabular and graphical information used by Western Australian farmers to accurately feed sheep, to maintain sheep condition and reduce feed wastage. The farmer enters information about the type of sheep they are feeding (young sheep or pregnant ewe for example) and the amount of pasture available for grazing. The calculator then calculates the amount of the best/cheapest/or readily available feed option in their area.

Corporate event ordering application

If you're lucky enough to have been invited to a sporting event at one of Melbourne Cricket Ground's corporate suites, it's likely the food and beverage you enjoyed was ordered through Spotless' food and beverage ordering application developed by IBC Digital, in conjunction with Spotless Services Australia. This application was developed in Perth and hosted in IBC's Perth Data Centre.

The system is designed to provide the maximum amount of flexibility to Spotless to manage catering for an event or multiple events. And to Users who can login to the system at any-time via a web browser and make orders for an upcoming event.

Corporate location ordering application

IBC Digital designed software to automate the ordering of catering for Alliance Catering Services (a derivative of Spotless Services Australia) and their clients. Alliance Catering have the ability to use a series of template sites and pre-set them to suit the needs of each client with customized 'about' information and customized menus. When an Alliance Catering Service customer places an order, the template would already have menu options, product options and location for delivery of orders pre-set by administrators at Alliance Catering. For example a user from a client in the education sector could specify which conference room the order is to be delivered. The user simply logs in to the template site and uses the online ordering system to place an order. The user submits the order and it is then approved by someone authorized to do so within the user's organisation, through a workflow process. Once approved the order is then sent through to Alliance Catering Services for processing.

CapFTP and CapFTP2

This Software design is an invoice reporting system for the Capricorn Society that is responsible for transferring millions of dollars' worth of invoice reporting. Each month hundreds of Capricorn's suppliers transfer their invoices to the Capricorn Society. IBC Digital built software was installed at each supplier's premises. The software helps suppliers ensure that data files are in the correct format and correct before transferring them through to Capricorn. Later Version 2 was designed and developed, this version included the ability to enter invoices manually and included reminders and communication between Capricorn Society and its suppliers.

Automated distribution of product information software

Wholesalers and manufacturer need distributors to choose their products to on sell to customers, and competition for distributors is fierce. Providing quality and practical support to your distributors is one way to ensure they come to you when it is time for them to stock their shelves. IBC Digital have developed software in conjunction with Crommelins that makes attracting and keeping distributors easier with an automated application developed to save the distributor time and effort.

When logged in to the system, a distributor can choose to automatically generate; product brochures, swing tags, safety sheets, specials brochure and other sales and marketing items, that will assist them to sell the product.

Each sales brochure, swing tag etc. that is generated will incorporate the distributors pricing, distributor logo and distributor contact information automatically. The system takes the distributors information from details registered, when the distributor sets up a login and password.

Other applications developed include
  • Automated database importer.
  • Facebook application.
  • IBC Digital built Verdi CMS an enterprise level content management system, and MailMaster.
  • Patient Plan Email Reminder Facility.
  • If you need software designed or software developed to suit a unique purpose, please contact us today.

    It is our product development practices that really make our custom solutions stand out. Our appreciation for performance and robustness is learned through our product development endeavours and we are now very experienced with custom development using proven technologies and methodologies.