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Michelle Kelly - Director

A diverse and colourful background with qualifications in Biology, Library and Information Studies and Technical Writing. Michelle is our least technical person but a whiz on writing our internal business documents and working on internal policies and procedures.

Michelle’s qualifications has led her to be versatile and skilled in a number of areas and an asset to the company.

  • Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies (2010)
  • Diploma in Journalism (Australian College of Journalism, 2002)
  • Diploma in Proofreading and Editing (Australian College of Journalism, 2003)
  • Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours (Murdoch University, 1994-1998)

Not afraid to learn something new or take on a new role, Michelle mothers us all and reminds us to work on IBC Digital projects when too enthralled by client work to remember. Adds a bit of GREEN to the office to reduce our carbon footprint. Loves old, rusty stuff, giving them new life and purpose and enjoys looking after a plethora of children. 


Ana - Graphic Design


  • Experienced in Adobe Photoshop, CS5 and Adobe Illustrator CS5
  • Experienced with user interface design
  • Skilled in creating posters. Flyers etc. on brand
  • Excellent in producing website wireframes
  • On point, Front-end development
Ana has the technology knowledge we need but balances the science with her creativity and passion for aesthetic design. Ana is a valuable contractor we use regularly for in-house and client creative needs from development to the design of print and online graphics. Ana is speedy, producing quality work completed in record time.

More Skills and Qualifications

Ana has 8 years of experience in Graphic & Web Design and has been a regular contractor for IBC for 3 years +. Ana has a Master's Degree, Information Technology and Management and a Bachelor's Degree, Engineer in information technologies, Internet and mobile technologies. With her qualifications and experience we find Ana is an asset to the IBC team as she is quick and responsive and always on point in delivering to requirements as asked. Ana has recently worked on Boltstress website redesign.

With Ana on the team you have a capable and committed designer/developer working on producing quality outcomes for your creative needs


J Marc G Lopez - Developer


J Marc is a contractor we work with regularly, approximately on a weekly basis and is an important member of the IBC team

  • Certified SharePoint developer and administrator
  • Proficient in a number of programming languages
  • Experienced in application development
  • Bachelor Degree in Physics, University of Philippines

More Skills and Qualifications

J Marc has more than 7 years of experience in various legacy and emerging Microsoft .Net technologies. He has developed skills through hands-on experience from end-to-end software development employing waterfall delivery or Agile methodologies. Experience covers requirements gathering, functional design, solution design, code implementation, testing, deployment and production support, working with a diverse team located in various geographical units.

J Marc has worked with IBC on

  • Activ Foundation
  • NelsonNet
  • PML

With J Marc on the team you have a capable and committed developer working on producing quality outcomes for your online solutions


Mark Brad Nilesh Piniel Michelle Shane Ana Neil J Marc Jeff Arshad Lalaine Kristine Ryan Mark Suzy Joy Julius Grace

Mark Bandillo - Project Management

(Plus a little programming)


  • Agile Project Manager
  • Handling multiple projects running concurrent
  • Manages resource allocation for these projects
  • Ensures that each resource is properly allocated and working within planned capacity
  • Coordinates and collaborates with all external and internal stakeholders

A people person Mark is a valuable part of the IBC team, working with us daily as a trusted contractor. Mark is patient and understanding and these qualities help him to manage projects and the project team within a friendly and support framework. Many years’ experience as a project manager and prior to that as a developer, Mark is ideal for assisting our team in managing technical projects.

More skills and Qualifications

Mark has a Bachelor's/College Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology from the Philippines, other skills include

  • Technical Lead for Enterprise Applications
  • Agile Methodologies - .Net 3.5, VSTS2008, TFS, SSRS, WCF, Entlib
  • Lead Designer and Developer for Various Web and Windows Applications - C#,ASP.Net with Web Services, SQLServer and Crystal Reports
  • Programmer for Payroll, POS, Inventory, Accounting Systems - Powerbuilder and SybaseSQL
  • Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) and Workflow Applications - Lotus Notes/Domino Designer r5/r6
  • Scrum, Kanban, Agile, Atlassian Tools, Visual Studio, PHP And MySQL, ASP.NET, C#, MS SQL Server, Visual Basic and Sharepoint.

 Mark has been in a managing or project management role for about 5 years and a programmer role before that for about 6 years and is therefore very experienced with the foundation knowledge to handle technical projects well


Neil Young - Project Manager


  • Strong project management skills on multiple concurrent website projects individually valued from anything up to AU$400k, with delivery schedules between one week and one year.
  • Collaborative communication skills and a professional attitude honed through years of working closely with colleagues, managers and suppliers to deliver solutions for clients across many business sectors.
  • Aptitude for information collection, collation and analysis for Information Architecture, CMS configuration and content collection and project tracking.
  • Professional consulting in a workshop setting with all levels of project stakeholders to gather requirements, and present solutions for graphic design, technology, configuration, training and SEO.
  • Resource planning and scheduling across four states from a pool of 400 resources, daily/weekly for multiple projects
  • Across multiple disciplines such as Planning, FED, BED, QA
Neil has worked with the IBC Digital team for almost three years now and is appreciated for his 15 years plus of experience in managing web and technical projects. With a technical background as a Web designer, front-end coder, hosting administrator, Neil has the skills to plan technical projects and break down technical jargon for clients. Neil enjoys working with both creative and technical teams to consult on, scope, estimate, plan, resource, and deliver digital projects from kick-off through to handover and go live. We appreciate Neil for his pragmatic ‘can do’ attitude when taking ownership of client or internal issues.

More Skills and Qualifications

  • Client Negotiation Skills Training, Wentworth (Feb 2014).
  • Client Presentation Skills Training, Wentworth (2012).
  • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server & Content Manager Training, Dimension Data (Apr & July 2010).
  • HIGHER NATIONAL DIPLOMA (HND) IN ILLUSTRATION AND MEDIA DESIGN 1993 – 1995 Edinburgh’s Telford College, Scotland, UK. Full-time modular TAFE-level course
  • NATIONAL DIPLOMA (ND) IN GRAPHIC DESIGN 1990 – 1992 Edinburgh’s Telford College, Scotland, UK. Full-time modular TAFE-level course
  • Several programing languages


Piniel Hasibuan - Developer


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science/Information Technology
  • Expert in Drupal CMS, from installing to updating Drupal core, modules, and themes.
  • Assist with system administration and support
  • Experienced website developer
Piniel is happy, always smiling and LOVES to chat and IBC hired Piniel full time as we admired his methodical work practices and find him to be trustworthy and reliable in providing quality solutions for our clients. Quietly cheeky and a fan of Vegemite, Piniel is always our first choice when it comes to Drupal development and website development in general.

More Skills and Qualifications

Piniel has been working in the industry for seven years now and working with IBC Digital for six years. With a Degree in Computer Science, Piniel is enthusiastic, reliable and knowledgeable. He is committed to quality outcomes and is a quick learner. Piniel’s strengths are as a Drupal developer though he is rapidly expanding his repertoire.

Piniel has recently worked on Persona Homes, NelsonNet and Perth Market Authority.

With Piniel on the team you have a capable and committed developer working on producing quality outcomes.


Jeffrey Salcedo Ong- System and Network Administration


  • 9 Years of experience in System and Network Administration
  • Extensive knowledge of Windows, OSX and Linux desktop and server platforms
  • Significant production operational experience with virtualization and cloud- based technologies
  • Knowledge & understanding of backup technologies & disaster recovery methods
  • Strong knowledge of Windows Active Directory, TCP/IP, DNS, Web Server, Database Server and Server/Network Security
Jeffrey is very experienced and fantastic at problem solving network administration and system issues. IBC contract Jeffrey as our specialist when it comes to migrating websites and data and any system and network projects we handle for clients. Jeffrey is someone we rely on as he has proven to be an asset for the IBC team.

More Skills and Qualifications

Jeffrey has been working in the industry since 2007 and has been a regular contractor for IBC since 2013. With qualifications in systems and network administrations and his vast experience. His skill list includes; AWS, Digital Ocean, Microsost Azure, Active Directory, Server Security, Samba4, VMware, Citrix XenServer, IIS, Nginx, Apache, MySQL, PHP, NAS, File Server, Openfiler, LTSP,ISPconfig, Zpanel, Veeam backup and Replication, WHM/Cpanel, Plesk, Webmin, Virtualmin, Linux/Windows Terminal Server, DNS, MS Exchange, MSSQL, Postfix, Dovecot, Cloud Computing, Git, FTP,SVN, VPN (IPsec, SSTP),SSH, SSL, Server/ Network Security.

With Jeffrey on the team you have the skills you need to to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.


Arshad - Developer

Arshad is a motivated and results-oriented leader with over 10 years of experience in Programme & Delivery Management and Business Analysis with a background in UI/UX. He is impressive in managing both onshore and offshore teams using a wide range of methods including forms of Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban. His interpersonal and communication skills are exceptional, and he excells in collaborating with teams from a multi-cultural environment. We are very pleased to have Arshad as a part of the IBC team and his outstanding skills truly reflect in every task he undertakes and accomplishes.


Joy - Project Management

Joy is IBC’s dedicated and hard working project manager responsible for tasks essential to maintaining a smooth flow of various business processes. She possesses exceptional skills including client management, quality assurance, process standardization, project management, and auditing. As a result of her training in the Lean & Six Sigma, she is able to apply principles and methods in the management and implementation of projects in an efficient and effective manner.


Kriztine - Developer

One of our tech experts in the team, Kriztine is a Microsoft-Certified professional with over 11 years of work experience in the Software Development field using .NET technologies. She excells in both the front- and back-end development, as well as in developing applications on a multi-tiered architecture, design patterns, and object-oriented programming methods. Kriztine is highly proficient in developing a vast range of console, web, cloud, and Windows-based applications. With her strong technical background and full life-cycle experience in delivering enterprise-level applications, she's our go-to for any tech-related tasks here at IBC!


Grace - Developer

An exceptional and highly skilled Software Engineer, Grace possesses 9 years of professional experience under her belt in this field. She's passionate about what she does – and it shows in the superb quality of results she provides. Grace's technical skills include programming (ColdFusion, Java, PHP), scripting (Javascript, jQuery, Prototype, MooTools), database (MySQL, MsSQL), CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal), CSS (Bootstrap), and integrations (Single Sign-On and Payment Integrations). Her impressive skills also include team development management and similar managerial duties.


Lalaine - Developer

With 7 years of professional experience as a programmer, Lalaine excells in what she does and continues to update herself with the trends in her field of specialisation. She began her career in web development performing certain tasks for her clients including the conversion of Photoshop mock-ups to web pages using HTML, CSS, and Javascript to something more complex as the conversion of desktop-compatible web pages to mobile-compatible pages utilising jQuery Mobile. Her list of credentials extends to her proficiency in Content Management Systems including WordPress and MovableType. Currently, she's dabbling in web application development and gaining excellence in this new field while becoming more efficient in MsSQL and ColdFusion.


Ryan - Developer

An action taker and a problem-solver, Ryan is IBC's dependable tech expert who's highly skilled in WordPress and Drupal. His experience in front- and back-end development spans 7 years (and counting!), and he continues to learn and improve on his technical skills as evidence of his dedication to his passion. Ryan's a creative genius and never hesitates to share his brilliant ideas in a clear and comprehensible manner. He conveys his innovative solutions to clients' needs by providing exceptional technical support and training for Drupal 7 and WordPress websites, as well as in ensuring a highly responsive CSS and Javascript for front-end development projects he completes.


Julius - Developer

We rely on Julius for web development-related tasks that make our – and our clients' – website look stellar. With his several years of experience and expertise as a web developer, he has gained the necessary credentials to provide advice, coach, and supervise junior web developers to become more proficient in what they do. Julius is a gem here at IBC as he creates, troubleshoots, and recommends system solutions to certain technical situations at hand. His passion to improve further in his craft makes him an asset to our company.


Suzy - Content Writer

Suzy is IBC's proficient wordsmith – and she excells in what she does. She has over 7 years of experience as a professional content writer and has written over 10,000 website content, blogs, product reviews, SEO articles, Press Releases, and sales copies for her clients. Her exceptional skills extend further to leading a team of writers and training them to become better at what they do. She is hard working, highly organized, proactive, adaptable, and a genuine problem-solver. Through her expertise in content writing, she breathes life into abstract ideas and presents these in a clear and comprehensible manner that wows any audience who reads her written piece.


Mark Lontoc- Developer

Mark knows his way around multiple coding languages, and how can he not? He's been in this field for more than 7 years! He is a pro in web development and fluent in a number of coding languages including JavaScript, PHP, and several others. His expertise extends to a knowledge and proficiency in developing websites including WordPress, Laravel, Joomla, Shopify, and NodeJS. Mark's the go-to pro guy for web development and coding needs, and he makes sure every task is done right the first time, all the time!

IBC Team

IBC custom website development team

IBC Digital work together, and with our clients, in a friendly and supportive environment with lots of creative energy and fun. We are a team that powers along fueled by respect and professionalism so you can be assured of outstanding results for your web solutions.

IBC Digital’s website developers are a small boutique team consisting of website builders who are skilled website developers, website designers, software developers and computer programmers. And we have project managers and digital marketing experts as well. And this is just our core team;

Big Client, NO Problem!

We also have a vast network of contractors and business associates who we work with regularly and who meet our high standards of work and quality ethics. These associates and contractors are available if any of our gifted core team decide to get sick or go on holiday during peak times. This means that your web projects and service work remain on time and on budget with quality outputs.

If you are looking for custom web solutions for a large government or corporate organisation and you are still not sure if we can handle the job given our small size, please contact us for a free meeting to discuss your needs and to allow us to demonstrate our capacity to meet them to your satisfaction. You can meet us in our Perth office or we can come to you, even if you are not based in Western Australia.


Nilesh Daya - Project Director


  • BSC in Computer Science at Curtin University of Technology; Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science at Curtin University of Technology
  • Prince2 Certified Practitioner [Certificate No: P2R/A062846]>
  • Certificate in ITIL v3 Foundations at New Horizons
  • 9 years of industry experience in the Web Industry, 5 years with the IBC Team

Tireless, unflappable good humour keeps everyone on track and smiling. Follows the red boots, he has an eye for a good pair of shoes. Breathes fire with the addition of hot sauce to EVERY meal. Doesn’t he sound fantastic! He is! So why not give him a call to discuss your custom website development project.

Detailed Skills and Qualifications

Nilesh Daya is primarily IBC Digital’s Project Director but is highly skilled in the role of Client Manager, Website Developer and Trainer. Nilesh has the ability to form positive and lasting relationships with clients and workmates, and can manage all aspects of a web project. Projects are delivered on time and on budget with Nilesh, as he has an inspiring way to ensure everyone involved with the project, client as well as fellow website development team, remain on task. With an ability to find creative ways to resolve issues with minimal impact to the project, he is highly valued and appreciated by all at IBC Digital.

Nilesh’s unique combination of qualifications which includes Web Development, Quality Assurance and Project and Process management, combined with his project management skills, makes him highly valued and sought after in the industry. Nilesh is a skilled programmer, proficient in a number of different languages and this knowledge, paired with his project management skills and his ability to explain highly technical information to non-technical stakeholders, is invaluable to IBC Digital.

Nilesh has been involved with a number of our big website development and software development projects. A few of our larger clients are listed here; XL Results Foundation, Cengage Learning Australia, Global Mind Screen, Perth Motorplex, Health Department: Public Health, National Homes, ABN Group, Ashley & Martin, City of Bayswater, City of Wanneroo, Crommelins Machinery, Department of Agriculture, Disability Services Commission and Economic Regulation Authority

Nilesh is exactly the type of person needed in a website development team so contact us today if you would like us to work with you on your web solution.


Shane Kelly- Managing Director


Shane has:
  • Automated processes to resolve business challenges, such as Workflow Systems for the Health Management profession.
  • Equipped sales force with Web-accessible sales/CRM tools that helped elevate assets under management, especially managing leads generated from web forms and competition entries.
  • Reduced payroll by automating functions that previously required manual data entry.
  • Heightened security of electronic funds transfers and ecommerce transactions.
  • Streamlined process and procedures to ensure Quality Standards are met with better efficiency.
  • Met the needs of clients requiring multiple website and enterprise CMS solutions for a fraction of the cost.
  • Successful ecommerce solutions
  • Membership renewal systems for organisations such as the Western Australian Medical Board.
  • Complicated system and software integration to effectively manage business systems
  • Planning, building and implementation of custom software applications such as an industry calculator for Department of Agriculture and a Facebook application for V3, just to name a few
  • 17 years in the industry as team lead or section head for the website development team
  • 3 years owner, managing director of IBC Digital

Unflappable, very knowledgeable and skilled leader. He tackles “problems” with glee, loving the challenge of solving them. Big and bushy, Shane likes his socks to match. Loyal almost to a fault, He has business smarts and leads the team through inclusion and respect. Tell him what you need and he does 'stuff' on the computer and tada! Done. If you need someone who knows his stuff and can solve a web solution problem others could not, then give Shane a call and he will be happy to help

Details of Skills and Qualifications

Shane is the owner and managing Director of IBC Digital. He has 17+ years of experience in the website development industry giving him a solid platform for business and personal growth. Experienced in client liaison, website development, programing, software development and integration, he is often asked for advice from other web companies in the industry.

Shane has served as managing director, lead website developer and/or team member on dozens of application development projects, web development projects and other web solution projects. Delivered technology solutions that improve business system efficiencies and help advance the web industry. Shane was integral in building the Verdi Content Management system, a solid full enterprise content management system, built for large government and corporate clients. And MailMaster, an email solution system for managing the sending and receiving of large volumes of email.

Shane Kelly is skilled and proficient in website development; Integrating databases and software; Experienced in a diverse range of database management systems including: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, My SQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access.

Shane is proficient in using several programming languages such as; High level ASP.Net (C#) Development, Windows Application Programming (C#), Client Server Applications (C# VB.Net and C++), Custom web based Content Management Systems (ASP.Net and ColdFusion), ColdFusion Custom Tag Development (C++ and Java).

He is experienced in a wide range of scripting and mark-up languages including; ColdFusion, Perl, ASP, JavaScript, VB Script and PHP. Shane has a wide range of experience with mark-up languages including HTML, XML and XPDL. Shane is experienced with Internet server technologies including installation, configuration and maintenance. 

With this level of experience ready to guide your website development team, your web solutions is sure to be a success. Shane would love to hear from you.


Bruno Lenette - Client/Project Manager


  • Diploma in Computer Science at Informatics Institute Singapore
  • Diploma in Website Management and Production at Tafe
  • Introduction to OO Programing using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Microsoft Certification
  • Experienced in Web based programming technologies including C#, Coldfusion, PHP, ASP, (X)HTML, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery, XML and SQL.
  • Skilled in various graphic design programs; primarily Adobe Photoshop.
  • Familiar with Web Standards
  • Understands Cross-browser / Cross-device compatibility

Knowledgeable and lovely. Lofty heights, alluring French accent. Bruno is our moral compass, he keeps us grounded and honest. A family man, Bruno’s selfless acts keep him active in the wider community, helping those less fortunate. The occasional laugh from infrequent errors in translation, we are lucky to know him. You will be lucky to know him too! If you would like to tap into Bruno’s depth of knowledge and experience with website development, (he can read French code and work in Cold Fusion), contact us.  

Details of Skills and Qualifications

IBC Digital is privileged to have Bruno Lenette on our team for 11 years now, and like the rest of our team, he is very skilled and experienced at what he does.

Bruno is our Senior website developer and he is involved in; the development of excellent technical/functional project specifications documents for clients and the development team; website development team mentoring; working with the team that delivered ground breaking applications and solutions such as the Verdi CMS and MailMaster; Problem solving, repair and maintenance for code bugs and system/server failures; enterprise implementations, programming, and system administration among other things.

Bruno has served as a senior website developer on dozens of application development projects, web development projects and other web solution projects. One of his career highlights to date was his involvement in the planning, designing and developing of a medical booking system for Sonic Health Plus and a Requests Console for Work Cover WA, this system is used by all insurers dealing with workers compensation in Western Australia.

Other clients Bruno has worked with to develop their web solution include: Fremantle Sailing Club, Gilkisons, Headwear Professionals, Office of Energy, Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre, Shire of Esperance, Sigma Chemicals, Simply Stainless, Spotless Group, Stockland, Termimesh, Total Eden, Town of Vincent, and Travellers Choice.

If you would like to have Bruno work on your next website development or application development project, give us a call.


Brad Kelly- Development Team Lead


  • Skilled and Experienced Programmer
  • Proficient with database application build and maintenance
  • Experienced with Microsoft IIS Internet Server Technologies
  • 19 years of industry experience in the Web Industry all with the IBC Team
  • Familiar with Web standards

Knowledgeable all-rounder, quick and witty with a little bit of mischief thrown in for good measure. Brad must have been a shop keeper in a former life as he still likes to play shop, keeping the office “Snack Shop” in stock. In to work early and leaves late all of his tasks are performed at 100% including being an avid West Coast Eagles supporter and a general all round sport watching fan. If you like to be surprised then Brad is the man to have on your website / application development project. His experience in the web industry is sure to lead you in the right direction for your next web solutions project so talk to us today to make a start.

Details of Skills and Qualifications

Brad Kelly is our Senior Web Developer and heads up the IBC Digital Web development team. With over 19 years under his belt at IBC, Brad is a proven team player and has earned his role as Team Head.

Highlights in Brad's career include using his programming skills to lead the website development team that;

  • Developed automated processes to resolve business challenges, such as Ashley & Martin's Patient Plan Email Reminder Facility;
  • Planned, designed and developed a corporate event catering order management platform; And meet the needs of clients requiring multiple website and enterprise content management system solutions.
  • Brad has a depth of understanding and experience that comes from working in the web and internet industry for 14 years. He is proficient in designing, developing, and maintaining several database applications including: Microsoft SQL Server, My SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and Microsoft Access.
  • Brad is skilled in a number of programming languages and experienced with Microsoft IIS Internet server technologies including installation, configuration and maintenance from IIS5 through IIS8 on Windows 2000/2003/2008/2012.

Brad has headed the website development team in the research, design, development, technical architecture, documentation, testing and rollout of several million dollar plus enterprise applications over the last few years, such as the continued development of Verdi CMS as well as large custom development projects for clients. However, he always remains happy to ply his trade at smaller and mid-range web solutions projects and whatever else we throw his way.

Some clients Brad has used his experience to wow include: Spotless Services Australia, Department of Health WA, City of Bayswater, Fremantle Sailing Club, Headwear Professionals, Simply Stainless, Termimesh, Sigma Chemicals, and Travellers Choice.

Brad Kelly is a valuable addition to any website development team and we encourage you to talk to us about your next web solution.