Scope of case study
  • Website integration
  • Website development
  • Ongoing website maintenance
  • Digital marketing campaign through Google AdWords
  • SEO review and management
  • Account management
Project outcome:

IBC Digital created the SEO and AdWords strategy for a new site that was developed for Clearpond. SEO ranking for the old site were transferred to the new site by ensuring that all 301 redirects to the new site structure. The outcome was an overall improvement to the traffic generated for the Clearpond website. Usability of the site was enhanced with integration with Google Maps and business efficiency was improved with the integration of the website with Clearponds accounting system.


Clearpond has been a client of IBC Digital for 8 years, Clearpond came to IBC Digital with a desire to drastically improve their online presence and to really start having the web become their primary source of new business.

Special Features

IBC Digital improved Clearpond business efficiency by integrating the website with the chosen accounting inventory system called Myob Exonet ( The user experience of the website is enhanced by a website integration with Google Maps to allow users to find local Clearpond stockists.

Website Development

The custom website re-development project focused on the future Digital Marketing Campaign and ensuring the website was user friendly for those visiting the site with a mobile device.

Some website companies use frameworks to make a website responsive on mobile devices. At IBC Digital we do not ‘lock’ a website into a framework and use a custom approach, creating a flexible solution for the website to optimise on different mobile devices.

The graphics were designed first to make sure our client was happy with the look of the website on smaller screens. Once we had locked in how the graphics would scale to suit different screen sizes we then worked on ensuring that the navigation for their extensive product selection was as easy and intuitive on mobile as it is in desktop resolutions.

Clearpond realised their website was not only a marketing tool but a business tool as well. The website therefore includes an extensive product catalogue, using the Verdi CMS Directory Module interface integrated with Myob Exonet. Myob Exonet is an accounting and inventory system. All product and stockists categories, video links, images and PDF documents are synchronised with the website in an automated process to make management of website content easier and more efficient.


Digital Marketing SEM

For Clearpond our consultant setup the AdWords campaign to include review of historical campaigns, competitor review, keyword research and recommendations. Campaigns were setup with conversion tracking, quality score optimisation and the creation of landing pages where required.

IBC Digital’s consultant conducted a three month test for all Clearpond Google AdWords campaigns to test the market, test keywords and determine the best strategy to deliver results over time. We then devised the best strategy moving forward, and optimise the campaign ongoing. The SEM strategy includes targeting of specific products and specific regions as well as key services. A combination of search campaigns, display campaigns and remarketing campaigns are used to optimise Clearpond search engine marketing and landing pages were created to optimise each campaign. A monthly report is sent to Clearpond to keep them informed of progress. The seasonality of the Clearpond product range requires special consideration for running campaigns.


IBC Digital’s consultant conducted a thorough audit and analysis of Clearponds website and current SEO techniques and this information was used to devise a new strategy to improve traffic to the website. As part of devising the SEO strategy IBC Digital used the keyword research and testing provided by the SEM campaign, optimised each web page for the appropriate keywords and phrases and improved the internal linking structure.

Recommendations were given to increase keyword density and placement on each webpage and for ways to make the website more user friendly, such as improving the content in the ‘How to section’ of the website. IBC Digital provided a site map and assistance with Google Places, Google Plus, Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to track and assist with SEO endeavours.

Ongoing SEO services include the implementation of a link building strategy, creating content for Clearpond’s blog and external relevant websites, and tweaking SEO based on analytics and changes in the Clearpond industry. A basic monthly report is provided to Clearpond detailing website traffic, keywords and conversions.