IBC Digital offer premium web services and flexible service plans IBC Digital offer premium web services and flexible service plans

Service Plans

IBC gives you the choice of a Monthly Service Plan, a Pre-Paid Service Block or just Casual Service. We provide premium, 'silver' service that is simple and offers flexible options for ongoing service and support for your web solution maintenance, as and when you need it.

Casual Service can cover a wide range of activities including 'How do I do this?' queries; website maintenance and updates; new user training; trouble shooting; changes to site graphics; design updates; and the work involved for detailed planning of technical quotations and enhancements that you may consider for your website.

The Monthly Plan or Pre-Paid Block gives you specially reduced preferential rates and the minimum charge period is just 5 minutes. This is more cost-effective than the Casual Service approach as service and support work done on a casual basis has a minimum time charge of 1 hour.

When service work is performed by IBC under a Monthly Plan or Pre-Paid Block option, time is recorded and charged in 5 minute intervals. Service work can often be done immediately by IBC, rather than waiting for purchase orders to be approved by your administration staff, whereas all Casual Service work needs to be authorised before work can commence.

Monthly Plans or Pre-Paid Blocks mean you have a timely and very cost-effective method to ensure your site is being efficiently looked after on an ongoing basis - and you have the peace of mind knowing that you can easily and quickly tap into the expertise of IBC whenever you need it.

IBC Digital Service Plans make ongoing website maintenance and management, time efficient, and cost effective.

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