Visual Intellect
Visual Intellect
30/10/2019 02:06:00
01/01/0001 00:00:00
AiSpanner is the NextGen easy to use interactive multidimensional Turnaround, Shutdown Maintenance and Safety Planning application, using advanced visualisation, analytics, spatial and augmented intelligence.

Spatial & Time-based visual analysis can play a significant role in planning and scheduling, unlike building an actual prototype, it allows us to not only predict what will happen, but why it will happen. Scenarios can be readily developed with multiple complex and interdependent factors.

AiSpanner gives visual and spatial intelligence to Planning, Safety, Tasks, Crane Utilisation, Staging, Tie-Ins, Inspection, Onsite Machining and Scaffolding to manage and optimise physical space, manage conflicts and reduce the risk of health and safety incidents.

The solution has been developed with a human and data-centric approach, an intuitive interface for a connected workforce with an integrated environment. Multiple data sources; Static, Dynamic, Real-time and 3D unite in a common spatial visual environment.

AiSpanner improves efficiency, quality, and accuracy whilst lowering risk of health, safety and environment incidents, and increasing performance for maintenance, refurbishment and decommissioning